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  • “They took really good care of us and were friendly and engaging.”  — Dave I

  • “I have been with Brenda for over 6 years.  She is a wonderful massage therapist. She takes her job seriously as a competent massage therapist and pays attention to your problem areas. She gives great deep tissue massage. I just love her massage technique and would recommend her to anyone in need of a professional, hard at work, massage therapist.”  — Natalie Ramsay

  • “Vanessa is fantastic and specializes in treating migraines and neck issues. I’ll be back to see her again!”  — Katie BZ

  • “Brenda’s caring but firm touch eases all my aches and pains.  After a massage, my back and neck feel so much better.  Brenda is a terrific massager.”  — Belinda  L. Collins, Ph.D., ACC   B.L. Collins Associates, LLC

  • “Brenda Brown is by far the most knowledgeable massage therapist I have ever seen.  She has 25 years experience and it shows.  She has been my therapist for 9 years.”  — Priscilla Barton Granger

  • “I was referred to Brenda by a co-worker five years ago when I suffered from chronic low back pain. I purchased a ‘Massage for Health Plan’ she offered which allowed me to me able to afford weekly massages for one year. My low back pain is gone. I really believe Brenda has a gift, in addition to her schooling.  She is highly recommended.”  — Barbara Parsons

  • “For years I’ve depended on Brenda Brown’s expert and health-giving massages for relaxation and serenity.   She is dependable, prompt and extremely professional.  Her skill level perfected through long experience is of the highest quality. I look forward to my weekly session with her at my home, especially following a trip and during times of stress.  She is THE best!”  –Barbara Esstman

  • “Very professional and very customer friendly. Great staff and I had a great massage and experience.”  — Russell H

  • “It was a fantastic reflexology massage plus. Brenda exuded passion and expertise for helping clients. She was concerned and asked for feedback so she could tailor the massage to help you in the best way for you.”  — Karen H

  • “So tonight I went for a massage at BJB Therapeutic Massage after purchasing a Living Social Deal and it was FAR ABOVE any expectations I could have had. This was better than any massage I’ve ever had! I originally bought the massage and called right away expecting to be booked in a month because most places are booked and super busy- nope, Brenda Brown booked me the next week and then asked about my schedule. This is also something that makes it hard for me to get massages, I work until 7pm every night but to my surprise she told me she has another therapist, Penny Arthur, who comes in on Monday nights and can do massages until 10pm. WOW! I could go into detail about how amazing the massage was from Penny, but what I loved most was the fact that Brenda cared. She really did. I trust this woman with my health and that’s saying a lot. I hope to keep going back to BJB Massage for a very very long time- this was a great living social deal!”  — Valerie Saponara